December 31, 2012


I love words. I jumped at the chance to jump on the #OneWord365 bandwagon with little hesitation.

As I searched for just the right word I came upon galvanize (or galvanise for my British leaning friends). What I think struck me most is that although it has more than one meaning, it didn't matter which definition I used, it fits me.

Galvanize is a synonym for inspire. It means to stimulate or electrify.
That is where I'll start. I want to inspire through my words both spoken and written.

To inspire I'll seek inspiration. Holy, sacred inspiration from the Word of God through bible journaling. Breathing in God's Word to galvanize my soul.

Over this next year along with regular posts, I'll explore the many facets of my word.

What word describes your dreams for the upcoming year? What will you purpose to live out in 2013?

Wishing you and yours a fresh start, a lovely do over and a blessed new year.




faerylandmom said...

Can't figure out how I've logged in with my blog before...oh well. Tiff here.

Galvanize is a cool word. I like it.

Jackie Little Miller said...

I would like to work out the word Weightlifter in my life this year! No I don't mean a physical work out, unless that is what it takes to help lighten someones load. If I can may someone who is feeling down, smile, or someone who has been crying, laugh. If I can live out my life in a way that lifts weight off of peoples shoulders instead of laying more weight on them to carry! Yes! I think Weightlifter is my word this year! I am looking forward to reading all of your posts, thank you for sharing!

hopejem said...

Oh how I love that. That does take strength and activating a certain type of muscle in ourselves doesn't it? If we are going to help lift the weight of depression or spiritual despair we will need to tend to our own spiritual health as well.
Oh yes, I like your choice! This is indeed a journey to share!