About My Family

I am married to The Coffee Guy (or Dude). He was my FedEx man when I married him. Now he is a Pastor who delivers coffee to my bed in the morning. We have a beautiful life together. It is rarely easy but worth every moment we spend in each other's company.

I'm the mother to a Ray of Sunshyne and bio miracle. She is a beautiful young woman who can act, sing, dance and twirl a flag like nobody's business. She is now a wife who loves to encourage and cook.

The Princess is our adoptive miracle. She was born with a rare genetic disorder named Emanuel Syndrome. The list of medical anomalies is as long as the number of surgeries and hospital stats we've endured. She is the picture of faith and trust  with a laugh that will make anyone's day! When she's feeling well her smile makes me forget all that she has overcome.

Mr. Ray of Sunshyne is kind, hard working and the perfect match to Mrs. Ray. When I am with them, life is brighter!